Happy New Year- 2023

We might have some new followers here so let me re-introduce myself. Welcome to a whole new breed of bike shop- vanimal is the bike shop that meets you in the WILD! What does that mean? We are a professionally outfitted mobile bike shop that comes to your home, office, favorite bar or park (anywhere in St. Louis City and County is up for grabs) and fixes your bike on the spot. Our Mercedes Sprinter is outfitted with over 350 bicycle specific tools and over 500 parts in inventory to fix all your common bicycle concerns. We have tubes, tires, chains, cables, housing, bar tape in tons of colors, and even some lights and accessories that are needed to ride your bike safely.

How do I get you out here? First and foremost- we are not AAA for your bicycle, I’m sorry but I can not drop everything and come rescue you if you have a flat while you’re riding. We are 100% appointment only. We make house (or work) calls in St. Louis City and County only. Please take a look at our list of services, tell me what kind of service (s) you need, what kind of bike you have, and let me know where you are located. I try to make my schedule as green and efficient as possible by booking people located near existing appointments. Send me an email with your info and bike info to get on the schedule – hello@vanimalstl.com


Corporate/Event Services- Have friends, teammates, or work for a cool company that has several riders? Need an event covered? Contact us about our Corporate services. We offer full mechanical support for events and full tune ups for your cyclists. A typical Corporate day for a company can be a Full (8 hour/16-20 bikes) or a Half Day (4 hours/ 8-10 bikes) sponsored by the company to have their employee’s bikes tuned up. Fleet management of multiple bicycles- such as police or safety officer bicycles. Or even a local event that you would like full mechanical support. We are open and flexible to different types of events, one of the beauties of being mobile! Our event rate is $125/hour and covers all labor, parts are not included. Contact us with any questions- hello@vanimalstl.com

DUST BUNNY– The Dust Bunny is our Basic Tune Up to get your bike ready for a new season, tuned up after plenty of use, or anything in between to make sure your bike is safe and ready to ride! We inspect the frame and fork for any signs of damage, tune up your front and rear derailluers, adjust front and rear brakes, check cables, housing, chain, and tires for any signs of wear; and make recommendations based on conditions. We also clean and lube the chain and inflate your tires to proper/suggested pressure. The Dust Bunny will make sure your bike is functional and safe for riding. $89

BUNNY HOP– The Bunny Hop is our most popular, Major Tune Up service. The Bunny Hop includes all the same services and safety check as the Dust Bunny with the added service of removing your chain and cassette off the bike and cleaning it in our ultrasonic parts washer. Then wash and wax your bike’s frame and check both wheels for true. The Bunny Hop is a great opportunity to get new bar tape and tires if need for a brand new bike feel! $119

HARE RAISER– The Hare Raiser is our complete Overhaul. This is a massive service that typically takes 3 hours to strip your bike down to the bare frame, clean all moving parts off bike, re-lubricate, and then re-install them. This service requires new cables, housing, and bar tape since we are stripping and rebuilding the entire bike. We highly recommend getting a full Overhaul every other year to ensure parts are not worn out or damaged and to replace cables and housing. The Hare Raiser is the closest thing to having a brand new bike! $329

A la carte Services/Parts: 

*** We have a $89 minimum for a house call, but these are some of our services you can add on to a tune up ***

Flat Fix– $10-14 tube + tax $10 labor 

Bar Tape– $20-42 (we stock all colors of Lizard Skins and black cork)

Brake Adjustment– $15

Brake Bleed– $30/per brake  (please let us know what type/brand of brakes you have prior)

Broken Spoke Replacement– $20 + spoke cost 

Cable Install– $10/per $20/internally routed

Chain Install– $10 + chain cost (we stock all types of chains from 8-12 speed)

Replacement Tires- $35-60 (we stock Continental Ultra Sports and Gatorskins) 

Safety Check/Kid’s Bike Tune– $35

Superflash Rear Lights– $25-40 (battery and rechargeable options)

Tubeless Setup/Sealant- $20/wheel (we stock Orange Seal Endurance sealant)

Trainer/Indoor Bike Tune Up– $99

Wheel Truing- $20/wheel

Ready to Book? Let us know which service(s) you would like and simply send an email to Hello@vanimalstl.com and we will get back with you ASAP to get your appointment scheduled!